Saimoe 2008 Campaign Sigs

Saimoe 2008 Campaign Sigs(AS Friendly)





  1. Request for the following Vote sigs:

    Shana – Shakugan no Shana II
    Fumina – Shakugan no Shana II
    Nagisa – CLANNAD
    Tomoyo – CLANNAD

  2. testing…

  3. Can you make a separate page for non-vote sigs?

  4. wut, no feito-chan yet? ;( she already has the first match and although i’m sure she will pull a victory in this one regardless, i’d like to have one for the super best moe

    term: requesting a “Vote Fate-chan” signature

  5. Yeah, actually, Fate is qualified for next year’s Saimoe, so why not? Request Nanoha as well.

  6. ek…
    i seem to be getting some requests…

    first of all sorry if i can’t do your request fast enough…

    i’ve been busy with stuff since the a new sem just started…

    i’ll do my best and try to accommodate your requests…

    and thanks for your patience…

  7. o~i
    “VOTE HECATE” signature please!!!!
    Btw where’s Hinagiku?

  8. You should totally do a Sakura Kinomoto one so I can <3 you more!

  9. Is there anyway I could get the nekomimi yuki sig without the “Vote” words?

  10. Oh, sorry for reposting, but I just found it. But it’d be nice for a page without the “Vote” signs.

  11. Hey, finally found your site again. Great work on the Saimoe sigs as usual. Need a Nanoha one again. ^_^

  12. yay! Shana banner <3

  13. Can I request a Hanyuu one?

  14. Requesting Fumika Ueda if possible ^_^ The one through most of the series, not near the end~

  15. Requesting if possible a banner for Nozomu Ezomori
    from Kanokon

  16. I’m requesting a banner with Akihime Sumomo from Nanatsuiro Drops if you can ^^

  17. ^_^ can i request for kuhoin murasaki sig ^_^ waaaaay ^_^ arigatou ^_^

  18. Can we get a sig image for Kirino from Bamboo Blade?

  19. beautiful

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