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Cherry Blossoms Dancing on the Hill

So the fall anime season has started and one the the shows that aired this week was CLANNAD. This being a first episode we have some character intoductions and thus I’ll post about my impressions on some of the characters introduced. Well then, here are some of my thoughts of the characters of CLANNAD so far.

Fujibiyashi Ryou, the class inchou. Though she’s quite timid, she still takes her job as an inchou seriously and help some delinquent students such as the lead male character, Okazaki Tomoya. From what I’ve seen she’s also into fortune telling using cards. She is also currently my favorite character of the series, mainly due to the fact that she resembles Tsukasa, she even has a sister who’s a tsundere.

Fujibayashi Kyou, Ryou’s older twin sister. She’s quite protective of her younger sister to the point that she throws a dictionary at Tomoya after a misunderstanding where she thought Tomoya was bullying her sister Ryou.


Sakagami Tomoyo, she didn’t have many lines and I don’t know much about her background, but I believe she’s a delinquent to the same as Tomoya. She’s also an amazing fighter, she even beat up some other delinquents who were riding their bikes in the school grounds.

The Furukawa Family + Tomoya

Furukawa Nagisa, the leading lady in this anime. She seems to have took a break from school for a year and due to that all her friends have graduated already.

Furukawa Sanae, Nagsa’s mother. She makes some experimental bread at their bakery. She’s quite proud of her work, even letting Tomoya taste one of her creations. She’s also really emotional that she cried and ran away after Tomoya spoke out his dislike for her creation.

Furokawa Akio, Nagisa’s father. He loves his wife dearly that he even threatened Tomoya after making his wife cry after Tomaya told his dislike for the bread Sanae made. He’s also protective of his daughter that he also threatened Tomoya after Sanae suggested that Tomoya might become Nagisa’s boyfriend.


Wow. Just wow, this was an amazing first episode, the sakuga level just amazing. The opening scenes were an amazing display of Kyoani’s at great animation with an accompanying soundtrack which is also great. Kyoani sure has delivered a great anime offering for this fall season. Even at an aspect ratio of 4:3 the episode was still amazing, i can’t wait until they air the 16:9 version.

Tomoyo’s fight with the delinquents were amazingly choreographed they even used some “Lambda Driver” effects to her kicks. They even have a spectator’s point of view that just made me lol.

Being a CLANNAD newbie I have to say that this was amazing, I wonder what the CLANNAD veterans think about the adaptation? As for me I can’t wait for episode 2 and the 16:9 version which will still be aired on the 25th of this month.

The animation is just amazing.



  1. The characters all look so generic ): and I never really enjoyed shows like these. Everyone’s giving it such great reviews, though, that I can’t help but check it out anyway. :p

  2. you should try it…
    you never know, maybe you’ll like it at some point…
    i’m watching this basically because i liked air and kanon which had an engaging story and beautiful animation which was also done by keyani…

  3. This Entry may be years old and my entry therefore futile, but to everyone that feels the character design is generic, as Mintie once did in 2007:

    I’ve felt the same way in the past about moe-type shoes and avoided them because of the looks, but am glad I reconsidered that view. it’s really fair to check them out – the good shows have a lot inner vallue – drama, character development, suspense-filled plot, atmospheric story-telling.

    Of course, to be fair, there are enough shallow shows that combine generic characterdesign with stereotypes and don’t back it up with a good story, filling the wholes of moe-clutter. But I recognize Clannad as a example of how it’s done *right*

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