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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai 13

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai 13

Rena sure doesn’t want to lose her hat.

So this is the final episode of the Minagoroshi Arc and it was amazing. I haven’t played the game but I did see a clip from nicovideo of what happened in the game. I have to say that the BGM of the game was better than that of the anime. There were also some parts cut, but that’s understandable because of time constraints.

The episode starts with Rika and friends wondering why Oishii was so late. They asked the cops on guard where Oishii was but they don’t know either. They were then told to go home since it’s getting late and there parents might worry. After turning off the lights the Yamainu soon storm in taser down the two cops on guard. And as they reached Rika and Satoko’s room they discovered they already went out and escaped through the window.

Satoko’s traps delay the Yamainu for a bit, but it didn’t take long before the Yamainu caught up. Rika soon realized that they were really the Yamainu and deduced that Takano was behind it all. Knowing this she thought that she must survive so that she won’t forget who’s been killing her all this years, but she just couldn’t leave Satoko alone so she stayed as the Yamainu drew closer.

Rena is as perceptive of her surroundings as ever.

Before they get captured, Rena and friends soon arrive to take down the men about to capture Rika. Shion explained that Rena had a bad feeling while they were leaving so they went to get their weapons and when they came back to Rika’s house they discovered the downed Cops and now they are there now.

Rena with her machete and Shion with her taser.

Don’t worry, she’s using the blunt side.

While escaping they come across a Yamainu van, so they decide that it would be better to fight and capture the van since it would only hasten their escape. Using their trusty weapons they took down 6 of the Yamainu. Seeing only 2 left by the van they decide to charge so that they can finally use the van. But before they can get to the men guarding the van a gunshot was heard.

It seems that Keiichi was shot by no one else but by Takano. Keiichi went down and everyone stopped to be by Keeichi’s side. Keiichi tells them to run but Mion was hesitant, until rena told them that they must run and they must prioritize that they survive so they make a run for it.

You fought a good fight Keiichi.

But your power wasn’t enough to beat fate.

Soon Mion decided that she must do what she can to delay Takano and give them time to escape so she stayed behind telling Rena to protect Rika and Shion to protect Satoko. But that didn’t give them enough time as soon Takano caught up while just after they saw Mion’s lifeless body falling down with her back bloody.

You also fought a good fight.

Soon Rena was the one to protect them, with her machete in hand tells Shion to protect the both of them. Takano ordered her men to go and get Shion and the others while she confronts Rena. Rena reveals her discovery that Takano was the one causing Oyashiro-sama’s curse every year while Takano reveals that she wants to become Oyashiro-sama. Rena soon replies that that’s impossible since Oyashiro-sama is here.

Rena with her trusty machete ready for battle.

Rena Laughing at Takano’s ambitions.

Rena’s last moments.

Running away the Shion and teh others soon heard a gunshot and they know that Rena’s gone. Soon enough they were surrounded and soon captured.

Shion shot in front of Satoko’s eyes.

Shion begs that she doesn’t care if Takano kills her as long as she doesn’t kill Satoko. Soon she was shot at point blank in the head by Takano.

Shion’s now down now it’s Satoko’s turn.

Which is green? Broccoli or Cauliflower?

Sadistically, Takano tells Satoko that if she can answer correctly she’ll let her survive. The question was “Which is green? Broccoli or Cauliflower?” Satoko answers correctly but Takano still shoots he.

Now with all her friends down all that’s left is Rika.

Takano was about to put Rika to sleep so that she won’t experience pain but Rika told her to let her witness it so that she can etch her own murder in her soul and so that the next time they meet Rika will know that Takano was the enemy.

Now it’s Rika’s turn.

At the shrine Hanyuu tells Rika that even thoughRika forgets, Hanyuu won’t and that she will tell Rika in the next world that Takano is the enemy.

The gathering of friends.

Rika, before transferring to the next world thinks that even though they gave it their all they still couldn’t beat fate and that she’ll give up. But Rena says her friends told her that she must not give up. Rena then reveals that even though everyone believed they could beat fate they were lacking someone and that someone was Hanyuu. Hanyuu says that she couldn’t do anything but Rena and friends replied that if Hanyuu was in their ranks they could have won. Reaching their hands towards Hanyuu, Hanyuu reached back and off they go to the next Hinamizawa.

Off to the next world together.

I wonder what’s so funny?

Meanwhile, Takano is completing her plan and killing all the residents of Hinamizawa. While saying that now that she is feared she will now soon be revered and that she has become Oyashiro-sama. We then end the episode with Takano laughing.


This episode just made me like Rena even more. Her perception towards her surroundings is amazing and so is her ability to deduce the current situation. She was also the one that figured that they were missing Hanyuu that’s wy they couldn’t win. She also has a very cute scene with her machet, i never knew a girl carrying a machete would be so cute. Ad before anyone asks I’m a hardcore Rena fanboy.

The scene where Keiichi was shot was just so tear-inducing, though we see Mion holding Keiichi’s hand I believe the effect of Keiichi’s death was harder on Rena. She was the one to tell them to leave, even though deep inside she wanted to stay beside Keiichi. Her confrontation with Takano was also great. She used her greatest weapon against Takano, her smarts, she was even laughing even though she knows that she’s gonna die any second soon and she even left a last nice last message for Takano which is “Oyashiro-sama exist” and she did all this without even a single hint of fear in her eyes.

I shed a tear or two in this episode, it was just so beautiful, though the quality was inconsistent. Some scenes were beautiful and some parts were ugly. It was so painful to watch that even though they gave it their all they were still defeated. Takano sure knows how to make people hate her. even though it was Satoko’s last moments she still had to torment her by asking the ” Which is green? Broccoli or Cauliflower?” question. And for those who don’t know, it was shown in the game that both Satoshi and Satoko were color blind so they don’t know the difference between broccoli and cauliflower, Takano probably knows this since she is the nurse of the village and Satoko is their test subject. This just brings my hate level for Takano into a whole new level and even though the next arc will reveal her motivations it might probably be not enough to erase this hatred. Now we’re off to Matsuribayashi-hen which will be the last arc.



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