Posted by: kaz3phyrous | October 1, 2007

SaiMoé H2-1 Suigintou VS Fate (+Satoko)

1位 1790票 水银灯@ローゼンメイデン オーベルテューレ (Suigintou@Rozen Maiden)
2位 1624票 フェイト・T・ハラオウン@魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS (Fate@StrikerS)
3位 305票 北条沙都子@ひぐらしのなく顷に (Satoko@Higurashi)

After the votes have been tallied and the dust has lifter from the battle we see Gin victorious over Fate. But Nevertheless Fate still fought bravely and is now being treated in the loving arms of her beloved Nanoha.Meanwhile, Gin flies away with the victory but not before looking at Shinku with eyes that says “you’re next…”

This match was a lost cause for Satoko, I applaud the 305 voters for the Queen of Traps. This match was Basically Fate VS Suigintou and more importantly Nanoha(the anime) VS Rozen Maiden. As seen from the graph Fate was basically leading for most of the match, but still that lead soon evaporated as a last hour vote surge for Suigintou gave her the necessary votes to win take the match. This match can be considered as a match worthy of being a finals match, both Fate and Gin are both heavy-hitters and if weren’t for the unlucky grouping we could have seen them at the final match.

So after this match we have 3 straight years where Fate was beaten by a doll. The questions on everyone’s mind, including myself, is “Are doll’s really better?”, “What’s with this fascination with dolls?” and “How are doll’s better than Feito-chan?”

At least Gin won this match relatively fairly, unlike some other doll who defeated my beloved Yuki. I’m not saying that the doll in question was cheating, let’s just say that Yuki receiving the highest number of fake votes was a little too suspicious, and if anybody asks what are the effects of fake votes, the answer is that fake votes would lead people to believe that the character in the lead is wining thus making the character’s fans more relaxed while the other side is receiving sympathy votes, even if they are already winning, from the undecided voters while also rallying the said character’s supporters.


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