Posted by: kaz3phyrous | September 25, 2007

のどかの初恋(Nodoka’s First Love)

(Nodoka’s First Love)

just a silent bookworm,
also shy once before,
but soon after meeting,
sensei negi springfield,
your first love developed,
now you discovered courage,
and were willing to fight,
for this love here and now,
so you confessed your love,
telling him the reason,
for your admiration,
you were disappointed,
since he was not ready,
now you patiently wait,
`til the day his ready,
for you dear nodoka…

Vote Nodoka SaiMoe Round 2 Group E1-1(09/26/07)

Vote Aruuruu SaiMoe Round 2 Group F1-1(09/26/07)


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