Posted by: kaz3phyrous | September 23, 2007

つんつんかがみ,でれでれかがみ(Tsuntsun Kagami, Deredere Kagami)

(Tsuntsun Kagami, Deredere Kagami)

kagami and tsukasa for saimoe 2007

her name is kagamin,
you will be seeing her,
with her friend konata,
while always arguing,
although she won’t admit,
konata’s importance,
inside she always long,
to be much more closer,
to her dear konata,
she’s always pretending,
to be the toughest,
but through that exterior,
the softness that’s hidden
only shown in her blush…

Vote Matsuri SaiMoe Round 2 Group C2-2(09/24/07)

Vote Kagami SaiMoe Round 2 Group D2-2(09/24/07)



  1. ja jestem Tsukasa

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