Posted by: kaz3phyrous | September 22, 2007

Lucky☆Star also gets axed would have been next

Following the cancellation of the last episode of School Days and episode 12 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai due to its violent content and what media believes to be connected to the incident involving a 16-year old girl killing her father with a hatchet, it seems that the broadcasters of Lucky Star has also decided to stop the entire run of the show. This is due to the believed violent content it has.

This video clip of the show, shows the twin sisters Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi Tsukasa on a rampage around the city killing innocent Pikachus and Doraemons.

It also shows their reckless disregard for property as shown by how everywhere they went something gets destroyed.Thoughts:

I can’t believe it. First they canceled School Days then Higurashi and now this?! How far can this people get away with this. There is nothing violent about Lucky Star and now they decide to cancel it?! Are they blind that they can’t even notice that what they saw was a mod of GTA and not a clip of Lucky Star?! How blind can they get?! They don’t even know the whole story of Lucky Star and they’re saying that it’s filled with violent content just bu this clip?!

“You can even hear they’re seiyuus talking happily while they go on a rampage” said one of the TV shows host.

Mr. Host are you kidding me?!They clearly just overlapped some ripped audio from the show and used it in the clip.

“I sure hope they cancel this show soon or else people will imitate it” replied the other host.

Ms. Host do you really think that people are stupid enough to follow everything they see on TV?! on a fictional show?! Well I’m sorry to tell you it has already ended airing and you don’t see girls in their seifuku running around carrying guns and killing innocent Pikachus and Doraemons do you?

I just don’t people these days, every time a violent crime happens they quickly blame it on games or anime.

This is a joke post and should be treated as such.
This post is made to vent my frustrations on the recent airing cancellations of anime.
Lucky Star’s broadcasters did not stop cancel its run.
Lucky Star already aired its magnificent last episode.
Lucky Star does not have a hint of violence in it.
The video clip above was originally from nicovideo.
And finally…

These are Kagami and Tsukasa, They are completely safe and moé
They don’t carry any firearms.
My full support goes to Tsukasa to be the winner of the 2007 SaiMoe Tournament.



  1. Thats the Funniest thing ive ever seen in my life. whats even funnyer is i love lucky star and i happen to play GTA lol, now look what im gonna do im gonna download the hack lol

  2. […] Lucky☆Star also gets axed would have been next […]

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