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Food is nice, but I want my Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai 12

It seems that it wasn’t only the last episode of School Days that got axed it seems that Tokai TV has also following the bandwagon and decided to cancel airing the 12th episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai and in it’s time slot they decided to air a Cooking Show.

After reading Canned Dogs, I found out that it seems that a group of people from 2ch were joking that the recent incident involving a 16-year old girl killing her father with a hatchet was similar to the incidents that took place in Higurashi and a site happens to have read the joke wrote an article about it saying that the events were related, another site writes a similar article and before everybody knew it, a TV show picks up the news and decided to use it for their show.

Klashikari from Anime History, said that this screen cap from the show basically asks if games make people violent and do atrocious things such as murders.

From the screencap:


Translation by Supergrunch:

“The game is about a series of mysterious deaths in a mountain village.
A young girl protagonist is suffering trauma from the divorce of her parents.
She uses a hatchet to kill her enemies.”


Well, I hope the other stations Higurashi doesn’t follow with the trend, since from what I read, it seems that this episode of Higurashi is the second to the last episode of Minagoroshi-hen and I assume that in this episode we’ll also find out why this arc is called the “Massacre Chapter.

I don’t get why people tend to connect an incident that happens in real life to incidents that take place in a fictional setting. Are they trying to imply that those who view/read these fictional works are actually stupid enough to try it in real life?From what I understand fictional works only try to convey a message with the impossible things it show. I haven’t played Higurashi yet but from what I see in the anime adaptation it seems that the message that it is trying to convey is that you can conquer any adversity with the help of your friends and not the message of hacking people to death with a hatchet.

From the translated line from the screencap it seems that they haven’t played or watched the anime at all, Rena was in a state of psychosis back then due to a disease. And she only killed two people with a machete, from the line “She uses a hatchet to kill her enemies.” it seems that she was killing more that 2 people. And these two people weren’t that any good either and she killed them because they were breaking her family, and that only happens in one arc which was aired last year.

Now after recalling the events she showed that she was quite remorseful of what happened even if it did happen in another timeline. She was even crying about it and with the help of her friend was able to avoid the same path and reconcile her family problems without killing anyone.

It’s quite sad that the media is blaming tragic events to fictional works, such as games and anime, without knowledge of the entire story. Maybe they just did the show because it was a hot topic and it will be sure to bring in viewers which is also quite sad.

And if they really wanted to replace Higurashi with a cooking show they could at least have a Rena version of this:

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