Posted by: kaz3phyrous | September 21, 2007

なのはのハラオウン(Nanoha’s Fate)

(Nanoha’s Fate)

once you found a ferret,
who gave you Raising Heart,
and unleashed the power,
of magic inside you,
then your fated meeting,
you met a girl named fate,
who had beautiful eyes,
but you then discover,
that she’s an enemy,
wanting to befriend her,
so you befriended her,
with your starlight breaker,
and now, ten years later,
she’s now nanoha’s fate…

See also フェイトとなのは(Fate and Nanoha) here…

Vote Nanoha SaiMoe Round 2 Group C1-2(09/22/07)




  1. […] Something seems wrong here… While I’m trying to work out the problem, go here for なのはのハラオウン(Nanoha’s Fate) […]

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