Posted by: kaz3phyrous | September 19, 2007

School Days 12 err… i mean Nice Boat

So the most awaited episode of school days aired and did we get what we wanted? click more to find out…

here’s what we got…

I’ve read some speculations that the reason why most of the stations airing School Days decided to not air the last episode was due to its bloody content and just yesterday a Father was murdered by his 16-year old daughter by cutting his throat with an ax… Read more about the incident hereOriginal Japanese Article here

Now this isn’t the first time an anime episode was canceled because of some real life incidents, one example would be episode 1b of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu entitled “A Hostage With No Compromises” which was not aired since the plot involved kidnapping and in Japan during the broadcast date an incident concerning a real-life kidnapping was making headlines… Source Here

It seems that the only possible station that would be airing the last episode of School Days would be ATX which would be on the 27th JST…

I guess this means that Makoto’s and his harem’s lives has been extended, so what’s Makoto’s take on this?

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  1. I feel left out :(

  2. sorry about that… i was just adding blogs i see at animenano… and i don’t know if i even added them all…

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  8. hola.. este anime esta re bueno… se loo recomiendo a todos es para persona q le guste el romance y el drama….
    ha y si algien sabe cuando lo pasanpor argentina me lo puede desir a… gracias

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