Posted by: kaz3phyrous | September 12, 2007

真紅の裏切り,水銀燈の欝憤(Shinku’s Betrayal, Suigintou’s Anger)

(Shinku’s Betrayal, Suigintou’s Anger)

alone, you searched for him,
though you were incomplete,
then, you encountered her,
your sister named shinku,
she taught you how to walk,
and many other things,
you thought she cared for you,
for all the thing’s she’s done,
you later discovered,
you were only pitied,
you then assaulted her,
and broke her treasured broach,
angry, she called you junk,
then your battle began,
your battle with shinku,
has started, suigintou…

Vote Koyori SaiMoe Round 1 Group H02(09/13/07)

Vote Alicia SaiMoe Round 1 Group H06(09/13/07)


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