Posted by: kaz3phyrous | September 10, 2007

梨花の運命(Rika’s Fate)

(Rika’s Fate)

vote for rika

you’re furude rika,
you’ve lived hundred’s of years,
and you’ve died all those times,
repeating the same fate,
over and over again,
it must be hard on you,
but you still hung in there,
without going insane,
wanting a miracle,
in order to break free,
of your fate which is death…


Vote Alice SaiMoe Round 1 Group G04(09/11/07)

Vote Mion Round 1 Group08(09/11/07)

Vote Rika SaiMoe Round 1 Group G12(09/11/07)



  1. I am the miko of my Hanyu.
    Loli is my body, and sexy is my voice.
    I have witnessed over a thousand worlds.
    Unknown to change.
    Nor known to hope.
    Have withstood death to fight many fates.
    Yet, these hands will never change anything.
    So as I pray, “Unlimited Watanagashi Works.”

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